When Push Comes To Shove – Will’s Wisdom

“Most of what we encounter is out of our hands. The universe has a funny way in disguising what seems to be within control as truly such. A harsh realization that one must come to terms with is that in fact, the only control we have is within ourselves. The reaction given, the attention paid, the lesson’s learned. The understanding that only what is within is under the oversight of the beholder will decipher a deeper meaning to the world.”

While we work together towards the bigger picture one must realize that life’s path is something that sometimes must be walked through alone. Wisdom is obtained when one can control their inner-self and see that willpower is an amazing attribute that mustn’t be tossed by the wayside.

We all at some point try to either control the outcome of a situation, to control another human’s way of thinking or go against the will of the Universe. These expectations lead to nothing but disappointment. You can choose to be the better person with every opportunity that come’s blazing through.

When push come’s to shove; you’re better off doing nothing at all.

Written by: Will



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