A Silent Breath is Worth a Thousand Words – Will’s Wisdom

“Sit and think of what is, for a moment of silence is worth a thousand words. Thoughts tracking through the mind as if it were a mechanical assembly line, pressing out monotonous sculptures of the same size. Each thought should be assessed and not over-thought for every new idea can open the next door. Each chance to examine the mind in depth is a blessing in disguise because yes, we finally get to breathe.”

The daily routine of a simple meditation can be the life saving choice to retain the day. To put a stop to the fast paced lifestyle we all live yet forget about. The “go, go, go” lifestyle is embedded within the construct of life’s design in today’s society. As I try to open the jar that is so tightly closed I realize I’m holding my breathe.

Through out the day how often do you catch yourself forgetting to breathe?

The most basic function of the human body can be forgotten just because a feat is too overwhelming to conquer, until you tell yourself, “BREATHE!”

Try not to forget that you have total control over what you take in and release to the universe to be dispersed into the infinite grasp’s of time and space. To exhale the toxicity of our daily lives we can choose to not allow it back in.

Inhale positivity; exhale negativity.

Inhale happiness; exhale hate.

Inhale confidence; exhale shame.

Inhale pleasure; exhale pain.

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