One Looking To Simply Be – Will’s Wisdom

“To show gratitude is to be living with a heart sown from gold. To pay it forward is a price that is truly never paid. Having empathy for the next soul is the point of human interaction which will move us all towards the next astral plane, a gift given from the universe that is so often over seen. Cosmic sawdust sprinkles over the soul because we are all just one looking to simply be.

I’ve grown to learn that,”Paying it forward” is much more than being the center of attention. How often the hot seat is settled right in the middle of the room to the one whom want’s it the least.

Do something good for someone today and move on with your day. To open the door for someone else does not mean the next one will be open for you.

To remain humble with each interaction is a vital life line that we must all learn to harvest.

A lot of the time the neighbor is only looking for love when everyone had thought they were looking for hate. The one that complains the most is only in need of a desperate hug. We all tend to forget:

“Everything is going to be okay.”

Written by: Will



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