Misfortune Is a Gift – Will’s Wisdom

“When all else fails and there is nothing left, how empty the cup is. Looking for the fountain to fill with joy yet, no fresh springs are tapped. Just remember one thing that struggles can and will be more fulfilling rather than an instant gratification that will simply fade away. To be able to smile at the mistakes made, laughing at how small the giant elephant in the room seemed is a true gift.”

Sometimes misfortune can be a gift in disguise, tending to lead to the assumption that everything just simply is not going to be alright. Remember to tell yourself, “what does not break me can only make me stronger.”

What is thrown into the equation is not to be looked at as just another obstacle but to be truly deemed a learning experience. Any adversity is positivity depending on how you take it in and use it. While being pessimistic to be optimistic life is a true example of an oxymoron. Live to learn and learn to live.

Written by: Will


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